Our approach to food is simple and uncomplicated; we serve family favourites and recipes created by Reggie and his team. We source our fruit, vegetables, dairy products, eggs and meats locally to ensure that our ingredients are as fresh as possible. Our executive chef, Reggie Bayo is legendary in the area and has been doing what he does best for over twenty-seven years. If you have any dietary restrictions, requests or requirements, be sure to give us ample notice so that we can accommodate you.

Breakfast ~ Cereal, a selection of seasonal fruits, tea and coffee are on the buffet table. A waitperson will take your order for eggs, bacon and sausage. If you’d like to try some of our local porridge, just let us know.

Lunch ~ We serve our famous buffet lunch daily and once a week we feature African specialities. If you’ll be out on safari for lunchtime, you’ll depart with a specially prepared lunch box.

Dinner ~ Is served at the table. This is a five-course event starting with a starter followed by soup. You’ll then enjoy your main course, which could be pork medallions, roast chicken, beef fillet etc. accompanied by potatoes and at least two fresh vegetables. A fresh garden salad comes next followed by dessert with tea or coffee. Vegetarian entrées are prepared on request.